Genocide in the making?

January 4, 2008

Images courtesy of Joseph Karoki.


Cry, my beloved country

December 30, 2007

They have sworn him in the still of the darkness.  Reports show there are over 30 kenyans that have died so far and with rampant and chaotic demonstrations and lootings across the nation, who is to say what is in store. For many this has been an exercise of the democratic process, the marking of removing the last chains of one party rule and the draconian, menacing fear that permeated through out the land. Cries of ‘ haki yetu,’  that is, ‘ our right. ‘ Our right for a free and fair representation have fallen into the abys of state secrecy guarded by the sentries of chuku (hate). Under the disguise of fair and just government lies a wounded wolf, propelled by ego dreaming and blood thirst antics. Haki ni yetu, it is our right, our right for governance, for protection and justice ensured by the constitution and by all those whose blood has seeped through out the land for justice. No, it is our right, ni haki yetu.   And as the word spreads of this new happenings, the government has censored any live broadcasts of any unfolding events. Ni Haki yetu, it is our right. I’d rather die here than not vote.